Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the more common questions we get. If you still have a question after reading through this, please don't hesitate to contact us: info@homebuildershomeschool.com


Are you associated with any groups? 
Yes! Here they are:

Are you a co-op?
No, we actually work as a Christian support group, not a co-op. It can be confusing! 

Homebuilders offers a wealth of information and support from the many moms that have been there and done that. We don't, however, have the purpose of regularly offering classes to students like co-ops do. We do offer opportunities for our members to gather in the Brentwood/Antioch/Oakley area and get connected with co-ops or form their own though.


How do I join?
Everything you need for joining is under Membership.

Can I visit before joining?
Yes! Please come to one of our Fellowship Days, which are held at the beginning of each month in the Brentwood/Oakley/Antioch area. Just email info@homebuildershomeschool.com for details and time/location.

I'm part of a charter. Can I join your group? 
Yes! However, you should know that our group's focus is private homeschooling, which is in contrast with a public or charter school. You can still be a member of our group if you decide to go the charter route, but may not use our platform to ask charter-specific questions. 

Our bylaws state: "Homebuilders Homeschool’s focus is private homeschooling and is not a forum for information concerning schooling outside of and instead of private homeschooling. This organization does not regulate or enforce any one teaching method or philosophy of education to its member families. In a spirit of friendship, charter school members are welcome to join Homebuilders Homeschool with the hope of educating all members about the clear benefits of private homeschooling."

I'm thinking about homeschooling, but haven't started yet. Should I wait to join?
Visiting one of our Fellowship Days sounds perfect for you! You can ask questions of veteran homeschoolers and get helpful tips. 

As to becoming a member, if your children are younger than school age, you are welcome to join now. But if your children are school age, we ask that you wait until you've started homeschooling and/or your children have finished at their previous school. According to our bylaws, "Families must be currently homeschooling (not enrolled elsewhere) at least one child in the home. All other children in the home are welcome, but at least one child is homeschooled."

Do you prorate the fee if I join mid-year?
Yes! Please contact us about this at: info@homebuildershomeschool.com

What about special needs students?
All abilities are welcomed in our subgroups and events! Many special needs families are in our group and regularly support each other. However, Homebuilders doesn't offer special needs services (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.).

For information concerning homeschooling students with special needs, we recommend these resources from CHEA and HSLDA: 

Events & Activities

Will my child make any friends? 
We hope so! We help connect our kids through social events in our subgroups (Shine, Rock, etc.)- typically monthly by age group and then we organize an all ages Fellowship day at the beginning of each month.

What official events do you typically have for members?
Monthly (September - May):
  • 1st week--All Ages Fellowship Days (outside groups invited) 
  • 2nd Friday--Shine Group Event (K-2nd grade) 
  • 3rd Friday--Rock Group Event (3rd-5th grade) & Gel Group Event (6th-8th grade) 
  • Various Friday/Saturday--Alive Group Event (high school) 
Other: Homeschooling 101 Sessions, Various Field Trips, Mom's Night Out

Annually (for all members unless noted): 
  • March--Spring Meetup (e.g. Roller skating) 
  • April--Yearbook 
  • May--Formal Banquet (High School) 
  • June--Graduation (High School), End of the Year Party, Used Curriculum Swap (public invited)
  • August--Meet and Greet 
  • September--Back-to-School Meetup (e.g. Rock & Jump) 
  • October--Filing PSA (October 1-15)
  • December--Winter Meetup (e.g. Ice Skating) 

Can I plan events and activities?
Yes! Please set something up! The Homebuilders Board does not necessarily plan activities, but the Board encourages member families to plan and execute various activities for the benefit of other member families as long as they agree with our statements, bylaws, and policies. There are, however, official events that the Board oversees.

Am I expected to be at every event and activity?
It's great when people can make it and we can all get to know and support each other! We definitely encourage our members to join us and host or co-host a subgroup event as they can. However, Homebuilders' events are optional and we understand that a lot of our members need flexibility (new babies, health, job schedules, etc.) and they can come to some of our official events, but not others.

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